Road to Zion - Dub Against Blackjack -

Road to ZionDub Against Blackjack 12” and Digital DownloadCrazy, adrenalin pumped, mental ska infused electro dub, that was the best way I could think of defining this EP when I first heard it. ‘Dub Against Blackjack’ is the latest output from Italian trio ‘Road to Zion’ and it is fair to say that this was […]

Jah Roots HiFi -

Jah Roots Hi-Fi RecordsDanny Red – Some a Dem Say / Healing Rock 7”Aba Ariginals – Patrixx Matics – Revelations / Revelations Dub 7”I love new releases with pedigree, that lovely combination of a professional label, A-list vocalists, great producer and a sprinkling of reggae magic. This coming together, this alignment of stars, usually makes […]

Talisman - Don't Play With Fyah -

Talisman – Don’t Play with Fyah (CD, Digital and Limited Edition 8 track Vinyl) Is roots reggae still relevant? That is a question I ask myself frequently and the simple answer is yes. We all know that songs of protest and rebellion offer some of the best examples of roots reggae. Whether it’s the militant […]

Straight Outta Norwich -

Norfolk is a beautiful county in the East of England, best known for rolling fields, big skies and slow moving tractors. But when the sun goes down on this green and pleasant land, something of the bass variety stirs. Like many cities in England, Norwich has a strong underground reggae pedigree. Sound systems like Rebel […]

Outside the Echo Chamber -

Outside the Echo Chamber – CD, Download & 7″ single box set.Who would have thought that 2017 would be the year of an astral collision of epic proportions? Legendary dance pioneers Coldcut have joined forces with legendary reggae pioneers On U sound, to bring us ‘Outside the Echo Chamber’. From a reggae perspective the line-up […]

Darker Shade of Roots - Children's Prayer -

Darker Shades of RootsThis LP is an interesting release, a true down to earth record that has integrity and deep spirit. Children’s Prayer from the Darker Shades of Roots label is as natural and real as any modern reggae roots release; it is actually quite humbling how much passion has gone into the record. The […]

Rodigan - My Life in Reggae -

I sometimes think that the events in my life haven’t quite followed the right order. For example, my interest in reggae has grown in the last few years, but wouldn’t it have been better to be part of the late 70s heyday? Admittedly I would have only been 10 in 1978, but one bus ride […]