Sekkle&Cease - Alpha Boys School -

Sekkle&Cease Detroit based Sekkle&Cease have curated a new compilation album with all proceeds going to the legendary Alpha Boys School. They have assembled a talented group of musicians and producers who have contributed some seriously good reggae, dub and electronic instrumentals. Some of it is quite experimental, some quite leftfield, but all the tracks help […]

Upstir Records - Gun Gospel

Upstir Records – Gun Gospel 7″ Side A: Gun Gospel – Blood Seed & Ken Boothe Side B: Disarm Dub – Fada Rees Gun Gospel is the new 7″ single from Upstir Records, a bona fide Jamaican label from Morant Bay, St.Thomas on the South East coast. The label specialises in vintage authentic reggae sounds and analogue […]

Vin Gordon, Heavenless

Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band, Heavenless Vinyl LP / Digital download, Roots Garden Records Produced and mixed by: Nick Manasseh Tracks: 1) Heavenless 2) Minor Vendor 3) Outta Jungle 4) Revenge 5) Raytown Rock 6) Slide Ruler 7) Heaven Again Vin Gordon is a man in demand, it’s great to see one of reggae’s […]

Vin Gordon - Red Blood

Vin Gordon – Red Blood 7″ release, the first single from the new Selection Train label. I caught the last half hour this week of Norwich’s Future Radio weekly reggae show. It was some kind of serendipitous moment as I heard this excellent first release from the Selection Train label. With the wonders of modern technology, a few […]