Sista Lexxy – Learning Rastafari - Pandadread -

Sista Lexxy & Jerry Lionz – Learning Rastafari Pandadread 7” Guiding Star Orchestra – Upfull Melody Tribe 84 7” Christmas is here, woohoo, I love Christmas. For me it is two weeks off work, time at home with the family and a bit more freedom to do what I want! When you add in turkey, […]

Danny Red - Watch Your Step -

Danny Red – Watch Your Step Mark Wonder – One Love Vibes Roots Tribe / Slimmah Sound 7” singles These two singles dropped on my doormat the other day, massive thanks to the lovely folk at Tribe 84 Records for sending them over. What first strikes you is the fantastically vibrant artwork from graphic artist […] december reggae singles

Reggae Singles Review Dubamine – Joker Smoker Tribe 84 – State of Mind Pama International – Heatwave Eskimo Attack – Digital Has Nuh Mercy What is nice about having a reggae blog is the freedom to feature anything I want. There is no pressure to feature what is ‘cool’ or ‘in vogue’, you can just highlight […]

Tribe 84 Records - Jah Arise Verse 1

Tribe 84 Records Violinbwoy feat Dan I – Jah Arise Verse 1 / Thunder Of Justice – 12″ Side A: Jah Arise Verse 1 | Jah Arise Verse 2 | Dub Arise Side B: Thunder Of Justice | Dub Of Justice Every so often you notice a name that seems to keep cropping up on social […]