Indica Dubs - Jah Guide & Protect-

Warning…. this is going to be one of those blink and its gone releases. Indica Dubs, Alpha & Omega, quality dub reggae, limited LP issue, no digital release, no re-press, yes it has all the elements of one of those albums that will be snapped up very quickly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….. The […]


Indica Dubs – King Of Zion 10″ / digital download Side one: Ras Mykha, King Of Zion – Indica Dubs & Echo Vault, Dub Of Zion – Side two: Marion, Strings Of Zion – Indica Dubs & Echo Vault – Echoes Of Zion Sukh, the man behind the London-based Indica Dubs record label must be one of the hardest working guys in reggae. […]

Reggae Roots Review singles update

Reggae Singles Update Whoever said vinyl was in decline was certainly not on the other end of my inbox. So much music is coming out, different styles and different takes on this music we love called reggae. So in order to keep up you up to date with some of the more notable releases, here is […]

Earl Sixteen - Conquering Lion

Earl Sixteen – Conquering Lion / Danman – Jah Guide & Protect, 10″ Single, Indica Dubs (ISS041) Side A1: Earl Sixteen – Conquering Lion Side A2: Saxophone Rootsman – Conquering Horns Side B1: Danman – Jah Guide & Protect Side B2: Indica Dubs meets Forward Fever – Guiding Dub I am struggling to think of […]