Strictly Dub Records - Gone This Ya Style 7 - reggaerootsreview

Strictly Dub Records – Gone This Ya Style Lyrical Benjie / Unlisted Fanatic 7” & Digital Download One of the perks of writing this blog is that I get emails from nice people sharing details of their new singles and releases. Emails from Simon at Strictly Dub Records are particularly exciting to receive, as they are guaranteed to reveal something pretty […]

Strictly Dub Records - Earl Sixteen, Righteous Groove

Strictly Dub Records – Righteous Groove 7″ Earl Sixteen – Righteous Groove Bisweed & Chaozlevel – Righteous Melodica Strictly Dub Records are back with a new single Righteous Groove, featuring the unmistakable vocals of reggae legend Earl Sixteen. Label boss Simon Chaozlevel has come up with another top single featuring his trademark edgy production sound. If you […]

Strictly Dub Records - None Shall Escape

Strictly Dub Records – None Shall Escape There has been a lot of debate over the last couple of months on where reggae is heading and who is buying it. This was prompted by English singer Joss Stone topping the Billboard ‘current’ reggae chart on sales of her reggae infused album ‘Water For Your Soul’. […]