Straight Outta Norwich -

Norfolk is a beautiful county in the East of England, best known for rolling fields, big skies and slow moving tractors. But when the sun goes down on this green and pleasant land, something of the bass variety stirs. Like many cities in England, Norwich has a strong underground reggae pedigree. Sound systems like Rebel […]

Blackout JA - World Cry

Blackout JA & Dub Conductor, World Cry/Hunting Warrior 12″ Having a great tune is not always enough, but having the total package of an interesting record label, smart branding and an active sound system to back it up, can really help that uphill battle of pushing tracks out to a wider audience. One such crew, Dub Conductor, tick all those […]

One Love First Artist Announcement

One Love Festival, first artist announcement! Festival announcements come in stages – dates announced first, check – buying tickets, check – and the most exciting bit is finding out what line up you will be seeing over the weekend. The 2016 One Love Festival has pulled some crackers out of the bag this year, principally a great headliner in […]

Roots Renegade Sound System

Roots Renegade Records release their first single featuring Cornell Campbell and Earl Sixteen Norwich does not particularly spring to mind when you think of the UK reggae scene. When I tell people who are not fans that I write about reggae and live near Norwich, they tend to look quite mystified. I do point out that there is a long history of appreciation […]