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G.T. Moore, The Harry J Sessions Partial Records LP The phrases ‘lost master tapes’, ‘archive recordings’ and ‘treasures from the vaults’ are vastly overused in the music business. They are often just bait for the music connoisseur, another marketing ruse to part us from our well-earned cash. There may well be some gems that are […]

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Partial Records new 7” singles Dub Crusaders – Children of the Father Restless Mashaits – Lion G.T. Moore – Serengeti Jah Scoop – Insurrection If you are partial to something reggae, then perhaps check out these four new singles on the Partial Records label. Partial’s speciality is reissuing long forgotten tracks which deserve  a new […]

Reggae Singles Sound Clash - Partial Records - Roots Attack

Reggae Sound Clash OK, I know this isn’t a proper sound clash in the traditional sense. The idea of DJs battling each other with their sounds and dubplates has been an important part of Jamaican music since the clashes became popular in the 1950s. The sound clash can be an emotive subject though, competition and […]

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Causing a stir I sometimes feel that our reggae world is at times a little insular. It is fair enough that like minded people gravitate towards each other, that’s life and obviously makes sense. It would be interesting to know who is buying most of these limited 7” singles that we see pop up on […]

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Partial Records – 2017 new releases Keety Roots – Why King General – Some People Jah See – Praises Vibronics Feat. Boney L – Shades of Zion 2017 what are you going to bring us? Hopefully it won’t be along similar lines to the crushing disappointment that was 2016, where bizarre choices were made by the […]

Partial Records - GT Moore - Everton Chambers

Everton Chambers, I Can Feel 10″ 1. I Can Feel, 2. Feel and Strong Version, 3. Love is my Armour – S’Kaya, 4. Dem Nah Care About Dub Partial Records, PRTL10006A GT Moore, Jerusalem 7″ Partial Records, PRTL7024 We are big fans of Partial Records at ReggaeRootsReview and here are a couple of cracking new […]

Here are a couple of new reissue 7’s from Partial Records. Partial are a great little label releasing both new music and reissuing hard to find tunes from the nineties. These two fall into the latter! You can pick up their releases via eBay. Alpha and Omega Feat Nishka, Jah Protection 7″ A. Alpha and Omega Feat Nishka – […]