Reggae Roots Review singles update

Reggae Singles Update Whoever said vinyl was in decline was certainly not on the other end of my inbox. So much music is coming out, different styles and different takes on this music we love called reggae. So in order to keep up you up to date with some of the more notable releases, here is […]

Giving away vinyl promos, do people take advantage? a few thoughts on promotional vinyl….. I caught the tail end of an interesting Facebook discussion yesterday, someone posted that giving away vinyl promos was just helping people to fill up their record collection. I guess they must have had bad experiences in not getting the amount of exposure they […]

Ranking Fox - Behold

Tablet Records – Ranking Fox ‘Behold’ My Facebook feed is awash with links to new singles and reggae tunes, some not to my taste, some good and some really really good. Behold, due for release late January is one that falls into the ‘really really good’ category. Having an inquisitive nature I like to know […]