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Toxic featuring Aphrodite Delacrux Horus Records – 7” & digital download Cover versions in music are an emotive subject, particularly if you are really passionate about music. Hearing one of your favourite songs, by one of your favourite artists, mangled in an attempt to ‘reinterpret’ the song is extremely annoying! The one that grates most […]

Lo Fi Showcase Part 3 LP

Horus Records – Lo Fi Showcase Part 3 LP and Digital Download – Out Now I have been a big fan of Horus Records for some time, their single ‘Far As I Can See’ was what first drew me into their rootsy, dub sound. The melancholic, world-weary vocal performance from City Culture really struck a chord with me. […]

The Breadwinners - By the Sweat of Your Brow

The Breadwinners – By the Sweat of Your Brow LP My first taste of The Breadwinners was on the ‘Far as I Can See’ 12″ I recently picked up from the Horus Label. This haunting dub reeled me in on first listen and like some kind of vinyl drug, it left me wanting more Breadwinners. […]

Horus Records

Horus Records release a new 7″, Shaka Blacks’s Righteous Day. Horus Records is one of those labels I have an instant affinity with. An innocuous post on Facebook linked their forthcoming single ‘Righteous Day’ and it was love at first click. It brought to my attention another excellent label, run by passionate reggae people. Due for release very soon, ‘Righteous Day’ […]