Little Harry - Youngest Veteron -

Little Harry – Youngest Veteron High Smile HiFi, LP and Digital Download Thirty five years between your first and second albums is quite a gap, it certainly puts the likes of the Stone Roses in the shade. But thankfully for us reggae deejay Little Harry has persevered. Backed by Swiss digi marvels High Smile HiFi, […]

High Smile HiFi

High Smile HiFi, new singles for January Speng Bond, Babylon Koa Aloy‚ Tell Dem Again S’Kaya, Hardworker As I have confessed before I am more of a roots and dub man than digi dancehall, you have probably noticed that from my history of posts. But we all like a bit of change from time to […] december reggae singles

Reggae Singles Review Dubamine – Joker Smoker Tribe 84 – State of Mind Pama International – Heatwave Eskimo Attack – Digital Has Nuh Mercy What is nice about having a reggae blog is the freedom to feature anything I want. There is no pressure to feature what is ‘cool’ or ‘in vogue’, you can just highlight […]