Holy Won - Country Road EP - Fleshroc Records

Holy Bingi Won – Got To Get My Cut Big up to Holy Won and the new video for ‘Got to Get My Cut’, my favourite track from his latest e.p. It’s a lovely song, all strings and lo-fi reggae groove and does a good job of transporting me from cold, grey, wintry Norfolk to the sunnier […]

Holy Won - Country Road EP - Fleshroc Entertainment

Holy Won – Country Road EP – OUT NOW! I know many of you read my review of Holy Won’s forthcoming EP County Road. Well thanks to Fleshroc Records it’s now completed, released and ready for listening. Rather than me bash on again about how good this EP is, you can hear the man himself talk about […]

Holy Won

In an age when the public is force fed so much musical pap, take a step forward One Direction, good artists are often overlooked. Holy Won is one such artist and although he has flirted with success, he has never had the recognition that his undoubted talent deserves. I hope his new six track EP will change that, he […]