Bunnington Judah - The Signs - reggaerootsreview.com

Bunnington Judah – The Signs & The Signs in Dub Shieldrum Records Digital Release This was almighty close, I nearly missed this release and I am glad I didn’t. Facebook is a great way of advertising new music, but with so much coming out, posts do sometimes get lost in the information noise. Thankfully I […]

I&I&I Music - St George

I&I&I Music – St George 12″ 1 Ras Hassen Ti ‘St George’ 2 Sista Aude ‘Jah Kingdom’ 3 Far East ‘St George’s Cavalcade’ 4 Jah Massive All Stars ‘Dragon Slayer Dub’ Music & Mix By Jah Massive All Stars Executive Producer Far East Hot on the heals of one of Reggae Roots Review’s favourite recent […]

Sista Aude - Love Jah

Sista Aude, Love Jah – the voice of an angel France seems to be the place to be when it comes to exciting new reggae single releases. Love Jah by MatDTSound & Woody Vibes featuring the angelic vocals of Sista Aude, came out at the tail end of last year and is released by Far […]