The Kingstonians - Sufferer -

The Kingstonians – Sufferer Doctor Bird / Cherry Red Records, CD & Download I do find stories about musicians who achieve critical and commercial recognition after their death rather sad. Going to your grave, often in poverty, with little to show for the hard work you put into a musical career feels a cruel way […]

Barry Brown - Hot Milk Box Set -

Record Store Day 2015 Cast your mind back to the heady days of 2015. Donald Trump was that guy off The Apprentice and in the UK we spent every day hugging our European neighbours, BREXIT was a bizarre place that only those out with the fairies lived. 2015 was also the year of the 8th […]

Dread Operator Box Set - On U Sound -

Dread Operator – from the On U Sound Archives – CD Box Set Singers & Players – Leaps & Bounds Creation Rebel / New Age Steppers – Threat to Creation Creation Rebel – Lows & Highs Wild Party Sounds Vol.1 On U Sound is a massively influential UK record label who have been following their […]