Bunnington Judah - The Signs - reggaerootsreview.com

Bunnington Judah – The Signs & The Signs in Dub Shieldrum Records Digital Release This was almighty close, I nearly missed this release and I am glad I didn’t. Facebook is a great way of advertising new music, but with so much coming out, posts do sometimes get lost in the information noise. Thankfully I […]

Blackout JA - World Cry

Blackout JA & Dub Conductor, World Cry/Hunting Warrior 12″ Having a great tune is not always enough, but having the total package of an interesting record label, smart branding and an active sound system to back it up, can really help that uphill battle of pushing tracks out to a wider audience. One such crew, Dub Conductor, tick all those […]

Dubbing Sun - Time Soon Come

Bunnington Judah meets Dubbing Sun & FullDub – Time Soon Come 7″ In the second of my occasional series of posts focusing on singles that have gone under the radar, I present the beautiful red 7″ vinyl release, ‘Time Soon Come’ from Dubbing Sun Records. I don’t know much about these guys, but checking them out on their […]