Bob Marley Legend -

Bob Marley – Legend 35th Anniversary Double LP Edition How do you review an album called Legend, full of legendary songs by a legend of a singer? I did think about getting on my soap box and ranting about ‘exploiting back catalogues’, but this is not the time and place for that piece. I don’t […]

Bob Marley

If you’re a reggae fan or specifically a Bob Marley fan and you haven’t yet taken a look at the book Wake Up and Live, you may want to do so. As we wrote back in June, this is the latest book to try and capture what makes Bob Marley so special, and it’s a […]

Wake Up & Live - The Life of Bob Marley -

Bob Marley the Inspiration Bob Marley’s life has been well documented, in fact I think every form of media has represented Bob’s music and life story. His influence cannot be overstated though, how one man from a small island in the Caribbean became a worldwide figure of inspiration and hope is pretty fascinating. Most of […]

Richie Campbell 'In the 876'

Portuguese reggae star Richie Campbell sets his sights on breaking onto the international scene. Richie Campbell releases his third album ‘In the 876’ this August, the name is taken from the telephone area code of Jamaica. Anticipation for the album is growing in reggae circles, with UK DJ ‘Sir’ David Rodigan giving tracks significant airplay. […]

Bob Marley - Vinyl Collectors Edition

Bob Marley – The Complete Island Recordings set for a 25th September release date. Just when you thought that nothing more could be squeezed from Bob Marley’s legacy, a new behemoth of a vinyl package is on the way. The Complete Island Recordings, Collector’s Edition will include 11 LPs, a 70th anniversary slip mat and two photos in […]

The Wailers UK Tour 2015

The Wailers Announce UK Legend Tour The Wailers don’t really need any introduction, formed by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston in 1969 they soon became the most well known reggae band on the planet. With a raft of great albums and singles behind them, it is not surprising they are most peoples symbol […]

teel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution

Guest writer Ben Walton goes forward in time with Handsworth Revolution… ‘Handsworth Revolution’ – the album – was released by Steel Pulse on the Island label in 1978. In the UK, it was the year of firefighters and car factory workers’ strikes, the death throws of Jim Callaghan’s floundering Labour Government and a lot of […]