Revival and Reissue Labels

Here are some notable reissue labels, most sell stock direct or try your local independent record store, they can I am sure order it in for you. And if that fails then the behemoths that are Amazon, eBay and Discogs will come through.

Pressure Sounds

One of the UK’s original reissue labels, they have been producing high quality album and single releases since the mid-nineties. Their compilations are excellent and in particular check out the two Sound System Scratch albums, featuring some serious dubs from the great Lee Perry. Very cool range of t-shirts as well……

Bristol Archive Records

Bristol deal with post punk and reggae releases, mainly bands that were based and played in the Bristol area. Their reggae issues feature bands that didn’t have the exposure they deserved when their tracks were originally released. The Bristol Reggae Explosion compilations are well worth picking up. Also The Black Roots and Talisman LP’s are excellent.

Basic Replay

Basic Replay is part of the Basic Channel record label family, they focus primarily on reissues of reggae albums and singles and in particular releases from the Wackies label.

One lovely thing about Basic Replay records is that they are packaged to reflect the artwork associated with the originals, with 7″ and 12″ vinyl singles and LPs typically bearing the artwork, logos, and fonts found on the out-of-print releases. The CD reissues often recreate the aesthetics of the original packaging with minimal cosmetic changes.

If you only pick up one thing from Basic Replay make it the 12″ single of Willi Williams and Jackie Mittoo’s Rocking Universally, a true classic and firmly nestled in my top ten reggae tracks.


DKRDigikiller (DKR) is a reggae reissue imprint from Brooklyn, NY. I will leave them to sum up their aim…. ‘Our goal is simple – legit and high quality reissues of rare and killer tunes. No bootlegs, no bad new artwork, no terrible noisy or warped pressings. That said, it’s not always easy. In the production of these records, every effort has been made for the highest possible quality, and to utilize master tapes whenever possible. However, in some cases the master tape no longer exists or is in unusable condition. Therefore, some selections have been repressed from original stampers (where we felt their wear was not a major detriment), or have been carefully remastered from very rare but unfortunately imperfect original press vinyl copies. Even with a highly skilled and experienced reggae mastering engineer and the most modern audio soft/hardware, in some instances the results can still leave something to be desired, even for the most welcoming ears. In these cases we believe that the rarity, and more importantly, quality of the music will carry you through. Enjoy!’

Check out their website, they do have a fantastic stable of releases.

Partial Records

Partial Records are a great little label with a catalogue made up of new releases and reissues of hard to find 90’s tunes.

Formed in 2013 their releases so far include recordings by artists and producers such as Jah Marnyah, Alpha & Omega, Dixie Peach, G.T. Moore, Lost Ark Band, Danny Red, Disciples, Vibronics, Bush Chemists, Nucleus Roots, King General, S’Kaya, Cian Finn,  Mene Man, Naph-tali, Dougie Conscious, Jah Warrior, Restless Mashaits, Cornel Campbell, The Rootsman, Donette Forte, Paul Fox, Istan Black, Mikey General and more.

Most of their output is available on eBay. I can thoroughly recommend their recent GT Moore release and the Alpha & Omega Rastafari dub!

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