Mahom - King Cat -

Mahom – King Cat Flower Coast Records – LP, CD & free digital download So Brexit D-day is drawing close, or maybe you could call it Bidet, as Britain’s harmonious relationship with Europe is about to be washed down the pan! But here at Reggae Roots Review we don’t want to leave Europe and such […]

Frenk Dublin ft. Clinton Sly - Good Vibes We Bring -

Frenk Dublin ft. Clinton Sly – Good Vibes We Bring Dub Communications 7” I am not sure if anyone has coined the term ‘winter reggae’ before. I am not thinking of snow, mince pies and Father Christmas, but reggae that has a darker, colder, edgier feel to it. This new release from Dutch label Dub […]

Little Harry - Youngest Veteron -

Little Harry – Youngest Veteron High Smile HiFi, LP and Digital Download Thirty five years between your first and second albums is quite a gap, it certainly puts the likes of the Stone Roses in the shade. But thankfully for us reggae deejay Little Harry has persevered. Backed by Swiss digi marvels High Smile HiFi, […]

Gentleman's Dub Club - Stardust -

Gentleman’s Dub Club, Stardust my journey from Suffolk to outer space Gentleman’s Dub Club are back with a new single and album on Easy Star Records, and I think it is high time I reacquainted myself with possibly the most dapper and coolest reggae band on the live circuit. I first came across Gentleman’s Dub […]

Hollie Cook -

Hollie Cook South West London’s tropical bird of paradise Last night I saw Hollie Cook in concert for the first time, my wife, myself and a couple of hundred other eager Norfolk reggae fans danced the evening away at Norwich’s Epic Studios. I must confess, in the run up I was slightly worried! I have […]

Jahguars - Dubs from South American Jungle -

Jahguars Dubs from South American Jungle digital download & limited cassette Records can be more than just words and music, it is the whole package that makes a truly special album. Good artwork has a big role to play and adds that special finishing touch. I bet you can think of plenty of examples of […]

Jungs & Mädels - On a Dub Tip -

Jungs & Mädels – On a Dub TipDigital Download (and LP if you can find one!) I have a feeling that this is the first German release I have written about on my blog. France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Estonia and of course the UK have all featured so this is indeed new ground. […]

obert Dallas - Roots Garden - Med Tone -

Robert Dallas Prison Oval Rock – Roots Garden 7” Bearer of Bad News – Med Tone Records 7” Wow… intense is not the word for what I have been going through this last three months. I am heading on a non-music tangent here and may lose a few of you who are not into football, […]

City Kay - Strange Things -

City Kay – Strange Things Baco Records – CD, LP & Digital I know I am guilty sometimes of getting over excited about releases. Music is so personal, one persons “favourite album ever” is the next persons “meh, its ok”. This new album by City Kay called ‘Strange Things’ taps into my personal musical DNA, […]

Groundation - Each One Teach One -

Groundation – Each One Teach One / Each One Dub One Baco Records – Deluxe Re-mastered double CD, vinyl Over here in the UK we have been hit with Arctic style weather conditions, I don’t think I have experienced anything quite like it. The village I live in has been cut off for a couple […]