EarlyDays Records

Earlydays Records – Flames for the Wicked Men 12″ A side, Pinchers – Flames for the Wicked Men + Version AA side, Robert Ffrench – Cashflow + Melodicat Dub Version I am sure that you have spotted the strong imagery of Earlydays Records on your travels. Their distinctive cat logo crops up on my Facebook feed […]

Jim the Boss - Hudson Soul

November 2017 Update It’s over a year down the line since I wrote this piece and the rather excellent Hudson Soul is available (sort of) on vinyl. Jim is using a site called ‘I Want My Vinyl’ (a crowdfunding site for music) to help raise the funds for its release. Orders for 100 albums trigger […]

Frenemy - Dubateers meets Carl Meeks

Frenemy – Dubateers meets Carl Meeks – 7″ single We are back to 2008 and UK digi style dub for the latest feature on my favourite reggae singles. Frenemy was the first 7″ release from East London based The Dubateers. They began as a unit in 2004 with the original crew made up of Nick […]

Blackout JA - World Cry

Blackout JA & Dub Conductor, World Cry/Hunting Warrior 12″ Having a great tune is not always enough, but having the total package of an interesting record label, smart branding and an active sound system to back it up, can really help that uphill battle of pushing tracks out to a wider audience. One such crew, Dub Conductor, tick all those […]

i&i Musik

Pusherman EP – Archiver meets Mike Brooks & Wallace Adalphus featuring Matteo Boyero (i&i Musik) I would imagine that a life in music is what most of you reading this piece aspire to, you may even be already there. In my eyes, being able to work in such a creative industry certainly beats every other profession […]

Grand Ancestor

Reggae Roots Review talks to Ric and Jason, owners of Grand Ancestor, the Washington, D.C. and New York-based record label.  If GA001 means anything to you, then you are part of a select club that are tuned into the releases of New York and D.C. based record label Grand Ancestor. Label owners Ric and Jason specialise […]

Richie Campbell 'In the 876'

Portuguese reggae star Richie Campbell sets his sights on breaking onto the international scene. Richie Campbell releases his third album ‘In the 876’ this August, the name is taken from the telephone area code of Jamaica. Anticipation for the album is growing in reggae circles, with UK DJ ‘Sir’ David Rodigan giving tracks significant airplay. […]