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Toxic featuring Aphrodite Delacrux
Horus Records – 7” & digital download

Cover versions in music are an emotive subject, particularly if you are really passionate about music. Hearing one of your favourite songs, by one of your favourite artists, mangled in an attempt to ‘reinterpret’ the song is extremely annoying! The one that grates most for me is Annie Lennox butchering Bob Marley’s ‘Waiting in Vain’. It’s horrible!!!

But it can work, I do love Sheila Hylton’s cover of the Police song ‘Bed’s Too Big Without You’. Another one that clicks is this version of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’, just released by London based label Horus Records. Admittedly I am not a Spears fan, but Toxic is a cracking song, it’s all emotion and sensuality and really lends itself to being ‘reggaefied’.

Horus Records

I have featured Horus Records and main man Ben Bell before, you can read a little more here. They are one of those labels that add a bit of class to everything they do and I don’t think they have a mediocre release to their name. Toxic features the rather beautiful vocals of the ‘mysterious’ Aphrodite Delacrux, although if you ask me that name has the whiff of a pseudonym, but I could be wrong. They have kept the essence of the song but added a ruff and ready sheen to it. I do like that they recorded it live straight to tape, it does make the track feel more raw.

Have a listen to Toxic on the Horus Records Bandcamp site and if you like what you hear you can buy it as a 7” single or download. It is well worth a spin.    

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments what your favourite cover version is and maybe your worst as well. Also please share on social media if you can, it would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Paper Lion

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