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Dubateers – Excluded
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I get sent a very wide range of reggae to review and it can be a very broad spectrum. At one end are the sanitised, light songs that I like to describe as the ‘sun, sea and everything is great’ poppy reggae. They have their place in the world, but they are not really my cup of tea. This moves through to more traditional ‘vintage’ ska, roots and dub. Yes brilliant stuff, they are the foundation of what we love about this music. Whilst at the other end you get albums like this new set from Dubateers called Excluded, which occupy the mysterious outer reaches. Once you get this far along the line, boundaries are pushed and they challenge what we think reggae or dub is.

Nick Dubateers

I have a great respect for Nick, the man behind the Dubateers (I have featured his work before, check out my review of ‘Dubplate Attack’) He is not afraid to speak his mind and has no qualms about releasing the music he wants to release, he doesn’t follow the trends. I find that really refreshing. With any kind of art you sometimes need to do something different from the norm. You may ruffle a few feathers on the way, but I believe from confrontation comes innovation.

Moving Flute Mix 2

The album itself has dub at its core, but messes with the style, this is not the dub of King Tubby. I think the track ‘Moving Flute Mix 2’ (I do love the functional titles Nick uses, they do fit the no nonsense vibe) is one of my favourites and is a good barometer for the album. It mixes a metronomic beat with quite harsh industrial sounds. Add in some echoes and a menacing synth back line and you get a track that is more Berlin than Jamaica. Going back to my email inbox, this is different from what usually flows in and as an educated listener, it is what I want to hear.


As a whole the album is one man’s vision and I think it needs to be supported. What a boring world we would live in if all music sounded the same. Have a listen to the SoundCloud link above and see what you think. Excluded is available as a limited edition CD from the Dubateers website and for you digital heads, from your usual online sources… Amazon iTunes Spotify.

I hope you like this brief review, blogging is all about opinions and if you would like to comment on anything please do. I would love to hear from you. Please share the article on social media if you can, it would be much appreciated. Let’s help Nick get his sounds far and wide.

Cheers, Paper Lion

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