Mahom - King Cat -
24th March 2019

Mahom – King Cat

Mahom – King Cat
Flower Coast Records – LP, CD & free digital download

So Brexit D-day is drawing close, or maybe you could call it Bidet, as Britain’s harmonious relationship with Europe is about to be washed down the pan! But here at Reggae Roots Review we don’t want to leave Europe and such is the division it is causing this country, we are growing to hate those who do. As a side consequence, this whole sorry business does makes me even keener to help promote European reggae. This short piece on French outfit Mahom and their album ‘King Cat’ is my small way of saying, “some of us still love you Europe”.   

Flower Coast Records

My blog in recent months has slipped into the background, nothing was firing any excitement. Lots of the releases I was hearing sounded so generic and very samey. Thankfully along came Moham to lift my mood. King Cat is out now as a free download or on CD and vinyl formats via Flower Coast Records. This is an album of contrasts, if you like your reggae dubby, heavier and more ‘on trend’ then this is for you. But if you prefer a more textured and cerebal sound, then you will also get plenty of enjoyment from it. Check out the SoundCloud box below to hear some tracks.

Who are Mahom?

These guys have been going since 2005 and have numerous releases and live appearances under their belt. The band was created by Joris with Mathias on drums. Antoine joined the band in 2008 as sound engineer, and since Mathias left the project in 2012, he is now the other creative half of the Mahom duo.

Mahom - Credit A.Darricau
© A.Darricau
Mahom - King Cat - Credit Laure Blanc
© Laure Blanc

What really upped the anti for Mahom was the ‘Skankin ‘Cat’ album, released as a free download on the ODG platform in 2014. That set helped make Mahom one of the major in demand players of the French dub scene. Check out this link to their website where you can read more about them.

King Cat

Jump forward to 2019 and we have their latest long player called King Cat. The album kicks off with a couple of heavier dub numbers, but for me it is on the forth track ‘Planéte’ that we really start to hear what these boys excel at. Being a fan of ambient sounds like Brian Eno, The Orb and Air, mixing chilled, layered waves with a reggae beat really chimes with me. It is beautiful stuff! Click forward to ‘Waves’ and this track turns up the dub knob, think Jean-Michel Jarre clashing with steppas reggae. Waves really highlights the full Moham production skills. I am always in awe of people who can meld those layers into a soundscape that plays with your emotions!


But this album is not just chillout stuff, I do love the couple of tracks featuring vocalist Luiza. They change the pace of the album and give it a human touch. A nice contrast to its electronic DNA. Luiza has a lovely voice, and her haunting take on Françoise Hardy’s ‘Le Temps de l’Armour’ helps emphasise the Gallic charm that this set has. There is a line in that track that sums up the album for me, (apologies for the dodgy translation) “For the time of love it fills your heart with so much warmth and happiness.” King Cat lifts the spirits and as I mentioned in my opening, it has helped restore some belief in what the modern reggae world is producing.

Support the band

The album is available now as a free download. Mahom attaches great importance to vinyl production which they feel is an integral part of dub culture. I do agree, you can hear so much more soul in those grooves! So if you like what you hear why not go one step further and order the CD or vinyl? It is the best way to support the band and to help them continue producing this rather beautiful dub. The download is available here. CD and vinyl can be picked up at the Flower Coast site.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the album.

Paper Lion

If you have got this far please share this article on social media. Not only does it help promote the band, but it also give me the motivation to keep on blogging. Blogging can be a lonely existance!

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