Frenk Dublin ft. Clinton Sly - Good Vibes We Bring -

Frenk Dublin ft. Clinton Sly – Good Vibes We Bring
Dub Communications 7”

I am not sure if anyone has coined the term ‘winter reggae’ before. I am not thinking of snow, mince pies and Father Christmas, but reggae that has a darker, colder, edgier feel to it. This new release from Dutch label Dub Communications called ‘Good Vibes We Bring’, featuring the vocal talents of Clinton Sly, is an example of what I mean. Despite the jolly title it hides a very dark industrial vibe, which to me, makes it a perfect soundtrack for our bleak Northern European winters.

Dub Communications

I can’t give you too much background on Dub Communications, apart from the fact that they seem to be one of those labels that excels in dropping heavyweight dub bombshells. The pattern is, the release causes a stir, it sells out and you wait in anticipation for their next one. If I had a record label (and if anyone fancies going into partnership, I am open to offers!) that’s how I would like to operate. Boom it’s here and then it’s gone, no repress, no fuss…

Clinton Sly

Have a listen to the SoundCloud link above, if you like your dubstep / steppas / reggae clashing together like a mid-winter storm then this will be for you. With Clinton Sly’s rugged vocals in the mix you have a couple of tracks that are a million miles away from Jamaican beaches. Definitely more North Sea than Caribbean Sea.

Don’t sleep on this one though, it will be gone before you know it, small runs of quality singles get snapped up quickly. Head to Juno or Unearthed if you need a copy. As we approach December put Good Vibes We Bring on your deck and think of it as a modern version of ‘In a bleak Midwinter’. This is truly essential winter reggae.

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you have any tracks that suit these colder months. Reggae is not just for the summer! And of course social media shares would be very welcome as well.

Bless, Paper Lion

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