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Gentleman’s Dub Club, Stardust
my journey from Suffolk to outer space

Gentleman’s Dub Club are back with a new single and album on Easy Star Records, and I think it is high time I reacquainted myself with possibly the most dapper and coolest reggae band on the live circuit. I first came across Gentleman’s Dub Club at the Latitude Festival in 2010. Latitude is an annual English music festival and probably the poshest festival in the world. It is not without some truth that someone joked “You can keep your cannabis, Latitude’s drug of choice is definitely humus”! It is not known for its wild hedonism, although perhaps I was in the wrong part of the campsite?

It was late one summer evening, and together with about a hundred other bass heads, we crammed in front of a small stage in a leafy, wooded part of the festival site. What followed was the most energetic reggae performance I think I have ever seen. The movement, the noise, the energy blew any reservedness the audience may have had. For an hour or so genteel Suffolk became downtown Kingston.

Gentleman's Dub Club

Lost in Space

Eight years on and their new single ‘Stardust’ is out now, a prelude to the full album ‘Lost in Space’ which is out on January 25th next year. Gentleman’s Dub Club have of course not been idle in the intervening years, and listening to this track I am sorry that I have not kept up with their work. The single has all the confidence you would expect from a band that have been playing together for a decade or so. The big full sound is there, plenty of horns, plenty of bass, and a spacey feel which I imagine will run through the album. But I suppose with the title Lost in Space that is not a tricky one to deduce!


Have a listen for yourself to the video below and see what you think. Myself, I can hear outer space calling, Gentleman’s Dub Club to Paper Lion are you reading me?

You can pick up the single from all the usual outlets, maybe try Amazon for starters. The album Lost in Space can be pre-ordered if you follow this link. Let me know in the comments what you think of Stardust and whether you have had any brushes with the band. And of course a social media share would be much appreciated.

See you in space.

Paper Lion

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