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Dubs from South American Jungle
digital download & limited cassette

Records can be more than just words and music, it is the whole package that makes a truly special album. Good artwork has a big role to play and adds that special finishing touch. I bet you can think of plenty of examples of classic LPs that can’t be separated from their artwork, for many Sgt Pepper probably springs to mind first.

It was the artwork that caught my eye for this collection, what’s not to love about big cats and dub music? The graphic style looked familiar and once I delved deeper so did the music. It was a bit of an ‘aha’ moment when I discovered who was behind Jahguars (great name by the way). Ok it may not be The Beatles and Peter Blake but I love it nonetheless!

Nacho Flotta & Negritage

Recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the creative force behind Dubs from South American Jungle is reggae collective Negritage and Nacho Flotta from Stepping Stone Records. You may well remember my review of the last Negritage album and its striking artwork. If you didn’t, check it out, believe me the pure dubs on that album are worth investigating. It is more of the same here, sixteen tracks of spacey dub reggae, all with a subtle South American feel, an exotic dash of pipes here and a pinch of flute there.



Stand out tracks for me are the four Arder mixes. I love the truly hypnotic bassline, it is one of those basslines that sounds so familiar but you can’t quite put your finger on it where you heard it. Arder (Version 1) is a good place to start, bizarrely it sounds like it was recorded in a cave. Imagine sitting in the dark, listening to the bass and hearing drips of water land around you. It is a thoroughly immersive track, put it on your headphones and your mind floats through the swirls of sound. This is solitary music…


Giye Cobra   

If the artwork has drawn you in like it did me, have a look at the other creations of the very talented Giye Cobra, check out his Instagram feed, it’s crazy, trippy stuff.  

The tracks are available to download now via the Jahguars bandcamp site. There is also a strictly limited cassette version (50 copies only) for those who like a truly retro format.

This is spacey dub reggae at one with nature, and thoroughly recommended for chilling out on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon. Click the links and have a listen…

Thanks for reading, I hope you will investigate the Jahguars, please give the post a share on social media. It is recommendations that help keep reggae alive.

Bless, Paper Lion  

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