Groundation - Each One Teach One -

Groundation – Each One Teach One / Each One Dub One
Baco Records – Deluxe Re-mastered double CD, vinyl

Over here in the UK we have been hit with Arctic style weather conditions, I don’t think I have experienced anything quite like it. The village I live in has been cut off for a couple of days now, the drifting snow has made the routes out impassable. The odd snowplough comes through now and again but the roads soon ice up again. But we English do love a weather crisis, so you can keep your religion, the weather is now our god and we welcome our new frozen overlords. Joking aside it doesn’t take much for the UK to endlessly discuss the weather, a dusting of snow or a heatwave it’s all we need to keep us amused.

Anyway being stuck at home has given me the chance to catch up on some press releases and this Groundation reissue caught my eye. Reggae is the antitheses of a cold winter (even though technically we are now in spring!) particularly when it originates in California. So let’s warm the cockles with a bit of east coast skanking.

Each One Teach One

This album was originally released back in 2001 and is a new one to me. The late 90s and early 00s for me were all about grungy dance crossover acts and a flirting with hip-hop. My inspirations were Stourbridge band ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’ and legends ‘Public Enemy’, a million miles away from Groundation’s jazz infused reggae groove. Each One Teach One was the band’s second album, its genesis was rooted in the way the original members got together. Harrison Stafford (you may have heard Harrison’s recent collaboration with Brain Damage), Marcus Urani and Ryan Newman met on the campus of Sonoma State University’s Jazz Program. With this in mind you can understand the heavy jazz influences, particularly that groovy Hammond organ sound.   

Weak Heart

Have a listen to the YouTube link above, ‘Weak Heart’ is the first track from the album and a good guide to what is in store for the listener. What I particularly like is the contrast between Harrison’s expressive and gritty vocals with the softer 70s style roots groove. This track could be Peter Tosh at his best, authoritative words, wah wah guitar, big proclaiming trumpets and stitched together with a rather beautiful bassline.

Groundation - Each One Dub One
Groundation - Each One Dub One

Each One Dub One

The album is out on March 16th from all good reggae stockists, check out the Groundation website for more details. As a bonus you get a second disc of new dubbed up versions recorded by Californian producer King Robby. Have a listen to that sweet dub sound in the video below. And did I mention the reggae royalty on show? The album also includes contributions from Ras Michael, legendary Nyabinghi percussionist and Marcia Higgs on vocal harmonies, daughter of all round reggae great Joe Higgs. So many good reasons to buy.

Looking ahead, it is good to see that Groundation are back in action with new material later in the year and several European summer festival appearances have been lined up.

Thank you for reading, please give this a share on social media if you can it will truly help warm me up.

Bless, Paper Lion.

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