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If there is one common thread that connects all the people who produce, create and release the wonderful music I feature on this blog, then it’s talent. No paying for reviews here, no payola from ‘the man’, if I like it I feature it and if I like it there is always a talented mind behind the track. The song I am featuring here is not the usual sound I go for, it’s more flirting with reggae than a full on roots monster. But the quality screamed at me so loudly that I was compelled to find out more about the artist. Judging from ‘Buzzin’, Pete Dyer / Henry Davis / The HD Project (same person, that will be explained later!) has an exciting future and this talented singer songwriter is surely destined for great things. Have a listen to his track below for a taster and see what you think.

The Beautiful Struggle

If you check out this link to Pete’s website the first thing that strikes you is his unconventional start to life. Being an investigative blogger (or nosey blogger) I wanted to know more, so in this short interview you can discover a little about Pete, The HD Project and what the full forthcoming EP has in store for us.

Hi Pete, first question which was prompted by the biography on your website, is it fair to say you had an unconventional start to life?

“I was born in Holloway prison due to my mum being mixed up in the drug life, I never knew her or my birth father so I became a child of the state (which is a good name for a song), was fostered for six months then adopted by a family up in Scotland. It would be fair to say that adoption is a part of who I am and it will be the topic of some of my music in the future.”

You use the names Pete Dyer, Henry Davis and The HD Project, what is the story behind your musical aliases? 

“Henry Davis was the name I was given at birth before I was adopted and so I thought I would confuse lots of people by using this name as my musical alias. It’s mainly because I am known in my area for playing acoustic singer songwriter covers under Peter Dyer so I don’t think it would be right to bring this music out under that name, as people would be expecting these acoustic style tracks. I also like to think Henry Davis is the darker more dangerous side of my personality, the side that doesn’t mind drinking straight from the milk carton. Recently, I have shortened it further to – The HD Project – just to confuse people further!”

How did your interest in music start, what got you hooked?

“I have been playing music since I was really young, I started with classical piano and guitar up to grade 8 and all that as my parents really love classical music. But being one of the few mixed race kids in my school I found myself drawn to other black and mixed-race artists such as Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, BB King etc. When I was in my teens we visited Bob Marley’s birthplace up in the hills of Jamaica and it had a profound effect on me as I felt in tune with the way of life and the music.”

The HD Project - Buzzin
Pete Dyer

Who are your current influences?

“Currently, I take influences from different places for different things. Jazz guitarists such as Joe Pass, Mimi Fox and Django for single note run inspiration. Guitarists like Ted Greene and pianists like Bill Evans for chordal inspiration. I love jazz and studying jazz theory and incorporating it into my music. I was going to study music after school and had course offers at uni’s such as popular music at Lipa and Edinburgh Napier uni’s jazz course, but I decided not to study music as I thought it might kill my love of music.”

Buzzin is a taster track for your forthcoming EP, what can we expect from the other tracks?

“The EP is called ‘The Beautiful Struggle’ as for me this describes life itself, at the moment it features four tracks ‘Buzzin’ which is the single, two heavily reggae influenced tracks called ‘Y.O’ and ‘I Pity The Fool’ (as in B.A Baracus) and one which is a blues and trap based track about depression that I wrote on a pier somewhere in Australia called ‘Waters Edge’. I may add a track or two or record more to make a full LP to release late in 2018.”

Lastly, I believe you have travelled a fair amount, has that enriched your musical style?

“I’d say I practiced my craft most when I was travelling around the world. We (my wife and I) spent a year and a half travelling on a multi-stop flight pass. We would stop places and I would land gigs or just busk on the streets. I really spent about 8hrs+ a day just playing music, performing and writing. In Australia, we bought a van, kitted it out into a camper and drove up the east coast. I would busk or gig every single day to make the money for fuel, food and to take trips (such as out to Fraser Island).”

“My wife and I will be traveling again for a few years next year and I can’t wait to get back on the road again with my acoustic guitar and be inspired by the music of the countries we visit. I am particularly looking forward to six months in South America where I can be immersed in Latin music.”


So what of the song? Liking this track gives me a rather unsettling feeling that I am falling into the strange world of modern music. If this develops I will become a slave to Spotify, ditch the vinyl and worship at the altar of talentless goon Ed Sh****n!

OK I can be a musical snob at times, but as I said earlier if I like it I feature it and I do like this track immensely. You can hear that Pete has a wide range of influences, he uses chord changes beautifully and has such an expressive voice that oozes expression and soulfulness. Buzzin is definitely a modern track with integrity, it’s not as reggae as the usual music featured on this site but that doesn’t matter, quality is quality.  

The track is available now from iTunes, I do hope you can support it. For the cost of a third of a cup of coffee you can help a young artist on his musical journey.

If you can give this a post a social media share as well that would be loved and appreciated by paper lions everywhere…

Bless, Paper Lion

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