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Danny Red – Watch Your Step
Mark Wonder – One Love Vibes
Roots Tribe / Slimmah Sound 7” singles

These two singles dropped on my doormat the other day, massive thanks to the lovely folk at Tribe 84 Records for sending them over. What first strikes you is the fantastically vibrant artwork from graphic artist Michiel Baumgarten. I know it’s not always feasible or cost effective to go for sleeves like this, (the margins are tight on vinyl production) but it does add so much to the package. One of the reasons that us vinyl fans go for this format, is that a colourful physical product is so much more inviting than some non-descript computer file. Aside from the artwork, what we have here is two 7” singles on the Roots Tribe label, both produced by Tim Baumgarten and Robby Sens from Dutch reggae outfit Slimmah Sound. ‘Watch Your Step’ features the always in demand Danny Red on vocals whilst second single, ‘One Love Vibes’ stars singer Mark Wonder.   

Danny Red

I don’t know Danny Red personally, but do follow him on Facebook and he does strike me as a guy who has had ups and downs in the music business. But I get the impression that he now seems to be in a position to dictate his own terms and do the projects he wants to. I think we are a similar age and I can empathise with this freedom that you get at this stage of life. I can say for certain though that Danny is a popular and well-loved vocalist, and one of the ‘go to’ reggae guys if you want your tracks to sound meaty and authoritative. Watch Your Step is no exception, have a listen to the clip below and see what you think. SoundCloud doesn’t quite do the track justice, as when you hear it on the turntable you do experience a beautiful mix of deep bass, strong melody and cutting edge words. I love that it’s a track that also has purpose and a strong anti-war message.    

Mark Wonder

The second single features a more softly softly soulful style from Jamaican singer Mark Wonder. This version has a similarly strong message, it talks about the absence of love and brotherhood in today’s society, something that seems to get worse every day. I do despair that there is no turning back from the greed and selfishness that permeates our world.

Both tunes have a very traditional roots feel to them, probably due to Slimmah Sound ditching all digital instruments and going full analog with live bass, drums, percussion, horns and guitars. The production does sound fantastic.

If this sounds like your thing, then you can pick up the 7”s from Tribe 84 Records. If you prefer streaming then check out Spotify. These singles certainly livened up my week and I hope they will yours as well. Please share this post if you can, let’s all work together to spread positive music, positive messages and positive vibes… Bless, Paper Lion.  

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