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Hollie Cook – Freefalling / Survive

OK, so the big question here is pink or black… let me explain… as I mentioned a little while ago, reggae chanteuse Hollie Cook is back with new material. The first track from the new album was Angel Fire and it is fair to say it was well received. Loads of radio airplay followed and the album anticipation knob was well and truly turned to eleven.

Hollie Cook

Vessel of Love

More details have now been released and the new album, ‘Vessel of Love’ is due out on January 26th on CD, download and in pink and black vinyl. So pink or black which is it going to be? Is the pink one worth an extra £5, it is limited to 100 copies though. Personally I have never really gone in for limited editions, my vinyl obsession doesn’t quite go that deep. But on the other hand it does look really cool.

Freefalling / Survive

If January 26th seems a long way away then you are lucky, as two new tracks have been previewed. ‘Freefalling’ with its Hawaiian vibes is typical laid back Hollie, whilst ‘Survive’ has a slightly 80s synthy feel to it. Both retain that trademark layer of class that Hollie brings to the reggae world. You can have a listen below.

The album is available for pre-order from the Hollie Cook website. If you are US based then head to the Merge Records site, I think that will save you a sack load of postage costs.

Pink or Black?

So pink vinyl or black vinyl, I think it has got to be bubble-gum pink don’t you, it seems to fit…

Bless, Paper Lion

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