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Road to Zion – Becoming Insane
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What I love about Italian trio Road to Zion is that they always sound like they are having such great fun. Behind their caustic, hard edged, reggae SKA infused sounds, is great enthusiasm and vigour. October marks the release of their third album called ‘Becoming Insane’ and this collection is certainly not for the feint hearted. If you are not familiar with the band check out my interview with the boys. This was on the back of their recent single ‘Dub Against Blackjack’.

Road to Zion, Dub Against Blackjack -

Becoming Insane

Title track ‘Becoming Insane’ is a great example of why I used words like fun, enthusiasm and vigour. It’s a crazy track with big dubby beats, sing song trombone and a great vocal. It sounds like a call to action, a clarion call, street corner revolutionaries creating something loud, bad and dangerous. This is disorderly reggae in the best spirit of revolution and change. From the perspective of an English person, Road to Zion do seem to have a bit of the spirit of the 1848 Italian revolution running through their veins. Certainly they are guys with principle and opinion.


It’s not all raucous Zappaesque sounds though, they have the talent for the deft touches of more traditional soulful dub. Take final track ‘Outro’, this has more of a lazy, jazzy sound to it. The trombone takes centre stage and weaves a lovely tune, you even get some birdsong to push it into ambient territory. To be honest it is a nice come down from the full tempo tracks. I wouldn’t mind hearing a slimmed down dubbed version of the album, any chance lads?

Road to Zion

So to sum up, if you like your reggae with some life pumping through its veins then this is for you. It grabs you by the cheeks and says ‘LISTEN TO ME NOW’. The boys, Massimo Jah Mekis (Producer, MC), Winston Cobe (Producer, Bassline) and Davide Albrici (Trombone) are a talented team with strong ideas on how they present their sound. Becoming Insane joins the ranks of reggae albums that have something to say, but just because it likes to shout its message doesn’t make it any less valid. The album is out now and you can pick the CD up from the Road to Zion Cockroach Productions site, the digital version is available from Amazon and for those of you who like their streaming the Spotify link is here.

What did you think of the two tracks I focused on, will you be picking up the album? Let me know in the comments and if you fancy a social media share then that would be appreciated.

Bless, Paper Lion

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