Foundation Sound - Kelvin Judah – Soon Come -

Kelvin Judah – Soon Come
Foundation Sound 7”

Norwich ‘A Funky City’

The City of Norwich in the UK has a motto which reads ‘A Fine City’. Having lived here for about ten years I can whole heartedly agree with that. In fact, when it raises itself from its sleepy slumber you can justifyably call it ‘A Funky City’. It is a beautiful place though with a rich cultural history. Driven by the fact that it is a University town it has a vibrant music and theatre scene, some great restaurants and many small independent arts and crafts people.

Reggae has a strong tradition in Norwich with many sound systems plying their trade. One of the originals is Foundation Sound, a very familiar name to those who follow the scene here. The latest single from their King 45 label is out now. ‘Soon Come’ with vocals from Kelvin Judah is a fitting representation of the quality reggae that Norwich can produce.

Kelvin Judah

Soon Come is one of those soft flowing reggae tracks that England does so well. Kelvin Judah has a very soulful voice, which works in strong harmony with the rather beautiful trumpet line supplied by Patrick Tenyue. The gentle groove envelops you, soothing and warming your soul. Stick it on when you feel a little blue and it will soon lift your spirits. Below is a short clip, have a listen and see what you think.

The 7” is available from the Foundation Sound bandcamp site now. If you like your reggae soft and lyrical then this is certainly for you.

Let me know what you think in the comments, it’s always good to hear from you. If you like this single then try Solution Sounds, you can read more about their similar trumpet led sound here.

Bless, Paper Lion

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