Joseph Lalibela - Make Haste -

Joseph Lalibela – Make Haste
Jah Roots HiFi – 12” single

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to send me their digital files and vinyl singles. I really do appreciate you passing me the fruits of your hard work. I feel quite humbled…

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I always try and do each release justice, although my wife (the practical one) says, ‘if you didn’t emotionally invest yourself so much in the music, then you might get more featured’. That is a fair point as the backlog of emails is growing and I don’t like to disappoint you great people! I looked at some other sites the other day and they range from long breakdowns of each song, but more commonly a cut and paste job from the press release. I don’t like to do the latter, anyone can do that, I don’t think that is a proper review and not very creative. But it is time to find a happy medium, content is key for all websites, Google’s spiders love blogs that are constantly updated. So here we go with the new more concise with more content and more musings.

Joseph Lalibela

Make Haste is the new single from Mikey at Jah Roots HiFi. I am always happy to feature Mikey’s singles as he always comes across as one of those really generous and genuine guys. I recently featured his cracking Danny Red single which is well worth checking out, you can read more here.

This time round Birmingham vocalist Joseph Lalibela takes centre stage. First impressions are that it feels very much like the reggae that came out of the UK Midlands in the 70s and 80s. It has that world weary, relaxed roots sound that I do love and as someone who grew up in England in the 80s, I do find the familiarity strangely comforting. The dub version is also particularly good and comes courtesy of Russ Disciples, you know you are in safe hands there for sure. Have a listen to the YouTube clip and see what you think.

Jah Roots HiFi

Jah Roots HiFi

As I have said before reggae is in good hands at the moment and is very much a ‘cross borders’ industry. This EP is a good example of that as it is the product of many countries. Jah Roots HiFi are based in Switzerland, Joseph Lalibela as I mentioned is from the UK, sax is from Israel based I Jah Solomon, drums from

France based Jideh High and last but not least mixing and dubs from England. It does give me a warm feeling that this close collaboration exists in reggae. The tracks do retain integrity and soul because of the love that goes into them. It’s not where the label comes from, it’s the meeting of fellow spirits that creates the magic.

I am not sure that this review was skinnier, this new slim line process is going to take work. When you blog, the freedom takes over and when the words flow it’s difficult to turn them off. More importantly the single is out on the 25th September and will be available from the I Jah Roots Discogs page and all good reggae stores. Pick it up if you can and support this global sound we call reggae. 

Please leave a comment it would be much appreciated and as always social media shares would be fantastic. Bless, Paper Lion.

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