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Bunnington Judah – The Signs & The Signs in Dub
Shieldrum Records
Digital Release

This was almighty close, I nearly missed this release and I am glad I didn’t. Facebook is a great way of advertising new music, but with so much coming out, posts do sometimes get lost in the information noise. Thankfully I spotted this one, announcing two full length Bunnington Judah albums. I am a big fan of Bunnington’s voice as you will know if you read my review of one of my favourite singles Time Soon Come on the Dubbing Sun Records label. It seemed like there was some kind of higher intervention from the Facebooks gods!

Jideh High Elements
© Jideh High Element

Jideh High Elements

These two new collections are released on French label Shieldrum Records. The first part being a full vocal album and the second a dub set. The man behind this release is Jideh High Elements, composer and dubmixer. The Signs features eleven tracks, some of which are re-mixes of the two singles ‘The Road of Life’ and ‘Stand Firm’ and most were available only as dubplates. Jideh also recruited the talented Far East to help bolster the sound, someone else we are fans of at Reggae Roots Review.

Bunnington Judah

So what do we get here? In football talk this is very much a game of two halves. First half is The Signs album which is tailor made for those of you who like your digi reggae fast and furious. High tempo steppas beats mesh very nicely with Bunnington’s urgent and pacey vocal style. My favourite track is ‘The Father’ which you can listen to below, it’s a good representation of the style of this album. I do like horns on a reggae track, particularly those that announce the coming of good simple lyrics. The Father is of course Jah and the words talk about the protection he gives, proper Rasta sentiments.   

The Signs in Dub

The second half is The Signs in Dub which I must confess is my preferred album. This is because it gives Jideh full reign to put those mixing skills to good use. We all like effects laden dub I am sure and these tracks keep their character without getting muddy and too dub dense. Have a listen here and see what you think.

Going back to my Facebook comment earlier, I wonder how much good music we miss? It frightens me to think that a scroll too fast on your phone and your greatest ever track passes you by. But I suppose life would be too boring if we always got what we want, it’s all the more special when you unearth good albums like Jideh’s. Vive La Reggae and Vive La France…   

The albums are digital only at the moment with a possible CD and LP release in the future if the reaction is good. You can have a listen to all the tracks and pick up the digital versions at Jideh’s bandcamp page. You can also find out about Shieldrum Records at their website.

What do you think of this style of digi reggae, let me know in the comments. Bless, Paper Lion.

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