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Micah Shemaiah – Keep On Keeping On
Irie Ites Music, 7″ single

I get sent a lot of promo emails, I mean alot. I have enough material each week to turn this blog into a full time venture. If I could find a way of generating a decent wage from reggae writing then that would be the dream! As many of you working in the industry know making money is tough, let alone for someone like me just writing about it. But the thing that helps keep me interested, is that amongst the music that hits my inbox are gems that truly sparkle. One such sparkly single is Keep On Keeping On, recently released by Irie Ites Music featuring rather nice vocals from Jamaican artist Micah Shemaiah.  

Micah Shemaiah

It is very rare I hear a song that gives me goosebumps, but right from the first couple of bars this song hits on a very emotional level. I am not a musicologist, if such a thing exists, so maybe it is the chord structures or the timbre of Micah’s voice? But the balance of beauty and sadness really appeals to me and has the ability to speak to the soul. Have a listen below and see what you think, it is a simple song but a very fine example of how good roots reggae can communicate on a spiritual level.

Mau Mau

I don’t usually give a full list of credits, perhaps I should? But this is such a good single that I wanted to acknowledge who did what, so see the full cast list below. The single is available now on 7“ only. It may take a bit of hunting down but it will be worth the effort, try Tribe84 and Jah Waggys for starters.

One final mention goes to the artwork. Perhaps creative sleeves are more important for an LP, but they are certaintly nice to see on a 7“. Street artist Mau Mau is responsible and he captures the feel of the lyrics and music so well.   

Let me know what you think, it is great to get some comments. You can find more on Micah Shemaiah at his website and more from Irie Ites here. Bless, Paper Lion.

Music: C. Bode, I. Quentin
Lyrics: M. Abrahams
Arrangement: M. Ehbrecht

Players of instruments:
A. Keep On Keeping On
Jackie Waterhouse – drums
Eddie Domingo – bass, guitars
Ingo Quentin – hammond, piano

B. Dubmatix Roots Mix
Dubmatix – drums, bass, guitar, 2nd organ

Produced by Eddie Domingo & Jackie Waterhouse
Recorded and mixed by Eddie Domingo at Dubhill Studios, Göttingen
Vocals recorded by Joseph Wallace at Bigga Dread Studios, Kingston
Remix recorded and mixed by Dubmatix at Dub Arc Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Aldubb at Planet Earth Studios, Berlin

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  1. Thank you for your really thoughtful review. It was a pleasure for us, working with this song. We did our very best to make this a rememberable release. Glad you enjoy it! Cheers from Irie Ites Music outta Germany. Karsten

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