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Dub Gabriel – ADSR DUB

San Francisco based Dub Gabriel is back with a big pot of genre splitting hedonistic dub. That’s my excitable headline, but does this new album ADSR Dub match those big words? In this review I hope I can convince you that this is an album you need in your collection. I can hear a wide range of influences in the grooves, which helps make the album more interesting than most. And with the inventive tempo and stylistic changes, in my view it does present itself as a serious contender for dub album of the year.

Interstella Dub Dwella

The album starts quite gently with ‘Interstella Dub Dwella’, the opening intro smacks of The Who’s Baba O’Reily and leads into four minutes of delightfully hypnotic space music. The fact that it sounds like it was recorded in his bedroom (although I am sure it wasn’t), gives it real innocent charm. This ‘homemade’ thread runs through the album, but this is not a negative, just the mark of a creative man with mastery over his electronic tools.

Cali Collie

My favourite track ‘Cali Collie’ is up next and features one of the big guns that Gabriel has enlisted to provide some distinctive layers. Yes it’s the melodica again, an instrument that is never far from a reggae album. But if you are going to make use of a melodica use Addis Pablo, well that’s what I always say. Cali Collie is the most ‘reggae’ track on the album, it’s a nice mixture of Gabriel’s electronic noodling and harmonies, with a more traditional skanking choppy sound.

This is my forth listen to the album and on each listen you pick up more detail. I don’t know how long it took to put together, but this electro reggae masterpiece is a credit to Dub Gabriel and the team that put it together.

© Dub Gabriel

Real Time Illusion

I am going to mention one last track ‘Real Time Illusion’ featuring dub poet The Spaceape. This is an odd one in that it is the only extended vocal track. But it is the one that hammers home the message for those who can’t read between the lines of the electronic instrumentals. A repetitive rhythm and a smattering of Nyabinghi drums gives way to some fabulous vocals.

This track is all about a man and his frustration at the world. Real problems, no solutions and lamenting humans vast capacity to forget the mistakes of their past.


So with ADSR you get ten tracks of inspiring electronic dub. Dub Gabriel uses his love of vintage analog effects and retro synths to give us a multi layered lesson in how to meld five decades of electronic music into one modern reggae album. Buy it if you love dub, electronica, ambient, roots or just want a fantastic record.

ADSR is available now from the Dub Gabriel / Destroy All Concepts bandcamp page as either a download or LP. For us this side of the Atlantic the LP will soon be available in the UK and for the continent try hhv.de

Has this convinced you, let me know in the comments, all are welcome. Please share this on social media if you can. Bless, Paper Lion

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