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Amsterdam is a three track EP collaboration between Bristol based singer / MC Eva Lazarus (great name by the way) and Glasgow’s finest sound system and record producers, Mungo’s Hi Fi. I wanted to highlight this release as it features a track that both inspired me to get off my backside and put pen to paper (I have been a bit slack lately with the reviews) and also made me dance around the living room.

© Eva Lazarus


The A side features the title track Amsterdam which according to the press release, ‘tells the bittersweet story of how a bad break up sends Eva on a solo flight to the Dutch capital. Heartache and hedonism combine over a haunting piano and a propulsive bass-line.’ Eva sings with real feeling and her soulful introspective voice can tackle these real life heavy subjects. But part of her charm is being able to change focus and use her remarkable singing voice to give us big and brassy songs like Live My Life.

Live My Life

Live My Life is the track that drew me to this collection and is what I want to focus on. I would challenge anyone not to move even a small part of their body when they listen to this. I can’t think of a recent track with a more infectious beat and with its echoes of early 90s dancehall, it powers along like an express train. The combination of Eva’s voice, that brief bassy horn hook (you will know what I mean when you listen) and those serious Mungo rhythms make this the dance track for the summer. Have a listen for yourself below.


The EP is available in retro (ask anyone under the age of 18 whether the buy CDs) CD form from the Scotch Bonnet web shop, and from Amazon and iTunes as a download. I asked Mungo’s the question on Twitter about a vinyl release and they said maybe by the end of the year. Hopefully that will come, as this potential underground hit of the year needs to be on wax with some serious dubby mixes.  

Let me know in the comments what you think. As this is a style I don’t usually go for, give me some recommendations of what I should be seeking out to continue my education.

Bless, Paper Lion

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  1. Curious about your thoughts on Samory-I latest cd?

    • Hi Rob

      I hadn’t heard it until just now, thanks for the suggestion and I shall definitely investigate further. On first listen I prefer the more rootsy tracks like Lost Africans and Son of David. I do have this slight problem with singers that ‘wail’, and I think a couple of the tracks fall into this category like Weed. That’s just a personal stupid irrational thing!


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