Partial Records Summer Singles -

Partial Records new 7” singles

Dub Crusaders – Children of the Father
Restless Mashaits – Lion
G.T. Moore – Serengeti
Jah Scoop – Insurrection

If you are partial to something reggae, then perhaps check out these four new singles on the Partial Records label. Partial’s speciality is reissuing long forgotten tracks which deserve  a new audience. Three of these singles date from the 90s and all rightly take their place in the expertly curated Partial catalogue. The Jah Scoop track is a new, pretty dreamy composition and even got me to open my wallet and buy the vinyl version! More on each single below…..

G.T. Moore – Serengeti

If ever a name of a song matched its soul and spirit then this is it. Serengeti by name and sweeping African plains by nature. This very atmospheric track is taken from the 1993 album ‘The Outsider Meets The High-Tech-Roots Dynamics’. To me it conjures up visions of Maasai warriors sitting around a flickering campfire. I think it is that flutey line in the song that says Africa to me. The story has it that G.T. was working for some years trying to add the flute to reggae rhythms. Serengeti was the first time that he really felt happy with a reggae tune featuring the flute. I think he got it pretty spot on.  

This is the sixth G.T. Moore release on Partial, check out my review of Jerusalem which featured on the same album as Serengeti. If you like what you hear and want to know more about G.T. Moore, then check out his website.  

Jah Scoop – Insurrection

This one is a new track and my favourite of the four. Like Serengeti it is all atmosphere and waves of all consuming sound. I think the best reggae has simple but expressive bass lines and Insurrection has a bass line that really talks to you. It is telling you a very sad story of loss and regret. Add in the beautiful horns and sweeping keyboards and you have a lesson in how to write a perfect laid back reggae groove. The B side, in true reggae style, features a heavier re-working of the track and has enough bass to shake the floor. Have a listen to the video below.

Roots Crusaders – Children of the Father

Originally released in 1993 on the Abba Pickney label, Children of the Father shares much of the feel of the previous two singles. But with this track you get something more upbeat and digi. It is another instrumental and again has a melancholic and introspective edge to it. But it is a lovely track and with original copies going for stupid money, this is a good chance to pick up a cracker of a tune at a reasonable price.

Restless Mashaits – Lion

Another 90s release, Lion has more of a stripped down industrial feel to it. This is a track with serious intentions, no messing with this beat. It’s interesting that instrumentals can be just as expressive as vocal versions. Good musicians can shape the elements into an instrumental narrative. Lion is a good example of this, to me it is the story of a traveller trying to urgently get somewhere. Not sure where or why! What do you think, let me know in the comments.

Another crop of excellent singles from Liam at Partial. All are available now from the Partial Records bandcamp site and all good reggae shops. Pick them up while stocks last…….

Bless, Paper Lion

I know a lot of you are Partial Records fans, what is your favourite release from their catalogue?

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