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It’s good to have Hollie Cook back, you know all is well with the world when Hollie is releasing more of her beautiful, soulful reggae. This new single called Angel Fire, is the first track from her forthcoming album, which is due for release next year on US indie label Merge Records.


New label means a new producer, with famed Killing Joke bassist Martin ‘Youth’ Glover tasked with helping to develop the next stage of the Hollie Cook sound. Having released her first couple of albums with supremely talented soundman Prince Fatty, she has turned to a man with production experience and credits that rival anyone in the business. You can listen to the first result below and it has all the hallmarks of Hollie’s previous work, but perhaps with an added dash of old time Jamaican melancholy?

Hollie Cook
Hollie Cook

Angel Fire

I am surprised Hollie has not crossed into the more mainstream music world, as her reggae is very accessible and a perfect summer soundtrack. But accessible does not mean compromise and I still include her first self-titled album (and the dub accompaniment) in my top ten favourite reggae albums. It is a perfect set of tuneful, melodic reggae tracks.

Angel Fire is available to stream from Spotify now and you can buy the track from the usual outlets including Amazon and itunes. I can’t wait for the album

and I will of course keep you updated with news of the release date. It’s nice when even after 48 years, music can still give you a buzz of excitement!

Bless, Paper Lion

Are you a Hollie fan, there is something very English about her reggae, what do you think? Leave a comment below, it will be good to hear from you.

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  1. No word on 7″ release date of “Angel Fire”. No vinyl till next year?

    • Hi James. Details of the album and any vinyl single releases are sketchy. I was told ‘next year’ by the PR company. So not sure if Angel Fire will even be on 7″. I shall try and find out more info. Thanks for the comment. Cheers, Toby


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