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An interesting idea this from Felix Ruehling at music promotion company Boomrush. Rather than have a reggae chart based on sales and streaming, have one based on votes from radio and online DJs. The result, it is hoped, is a chart that better reflects ‘what currently matters’ in the global reggae village.

On the back of this piece I checked out the iTunes reggae chart and that really did not reflect how I see our exciting reggae scene, as it was dominated by Bob Marley and Shaggy.

That is my personal view though, and there is always a danger, particularly with social media, that you are overly influenced by the small pool that you are part of. If for example you collect reggae 7s, then those with similar interests are the ones you follow.

It is a work in progress and this beta edition is very much the first steps. As the word gets around, they want to recruit more voters and can truly say that it reflects current trends and tastes. But any chart that has Talisman’s Relijan single as number one is good in my book. It will be interesting to see how it develops, as well as radio DJs having voting rights, it would be good to see sound system DJs, selectors and even bloggers have a say.

Maybe in the future it could be expanded to cover more niche areas. How about a reggae vinyl singles chart put together by labels and online retailers, now that would be cool. But in the meantime click on the link and have a look. Leave a comment as I am sure many of you will have an opinion on this. Bless, Paper Lion.

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