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DA1YAH Records – Coral Garden Rock feat Trinity – 10” single

Oh 10” single, what a slightly odd thing you are! I am not quite sure whether you are the odd kid in school who never quite fitted in, or the supremely cool kid who was good looking and great at everything. I have a feeling you are the latter, slightly awkward in that you don’t fit in my 7” box and slightly maverick that you push your way to the front of the 12” section. You certainly give more than a standard single, but also leave the listener wanting more. The 10” in question for this piece is ‘Coral Garden Rock’ through the rather cool French label DA1YAH Records. Being in the ‘not sure I like you’ camp for 10” singles, I think I have been won over. As in this case, good song + cool label = excellent 10” single.

Coral Garden Rock - DA1YAH Records


Format jabbering aside this is a quality single, it has more winning elements than some of your run of the mill releases. Any song that announces itself with some big Satta Massagana horns has something to say. Vocals are from Trinity aka Jamaican deejay Wade Brammer. Not sure why I have never come across him before, but he has an impressive back catalogue.

He has a slightly pleading quality to his voice which fits the anti-Babylon lyrics. A little vulnerable but strong in sentiment and once you add in a nice simple bassline, some echoey effects, you have a reggae track that says to me ‘roots classic’.


Credit also goes to Judi K and Ras1yah for the mix and dubbing, more evidence that there are some damn good reggae producers coming out of France. It is something that I have said before, but it does give me a warm glow to think the production line of good reggae is strong. I have added a link below to SoundCloud, have a listen for yourself. If you are tempted in parting with your cash, then head to the DA1YAH discogs page.

It is probably just me that ponders over record formats, I really should just get a life, but if you have anything to say on the matter leave a comment below. If you don’t fancy that, then a social media share would be just as appreciated. Long live the 10” single……!

Bless, Paper Lion  

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  1. I love 10″ singles and have a large(ish) collection of them. It feels like a fairly modern format (I can’t recall coming across them until the early 90s, when a lot of house singles were released as 10″). I think it’s a format ideally suited to reggae, with two tracks on the A side and versions on the B side fitting nicely, whereas a lot of my 12″ singles have large run-outs because they’re too big for the music!

    Anyway, quality review as always and this is now on my wants list.

    • Thanks Boris for the comment, it always means a lot to have people interact with the blog.

      Agree with the point of view about fitting music on, I have some 12″ singles with just two tracks and long run outs, they would be far more suited to a 10″ single. I don’t have many though, On-U Sound seem to like the format and if you cast your mind back to 90s indie dance, I do have some Pop Will Eat Itself on 10″.

      • A fair number of reggae labels (esp the smaller independent ones) seem to be adopting 10″ as their preferred single format. My only gripe is that many of them charge too much for them, almost as much as you’d expect to pay for an album. When you add in the ridiculous postage that you have to pay, it becomes almost unaffordable. There are bargains around but not on Discogs!


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