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Fancy some reggae with hints of the 70s and plenty of strong righteous lyrics? Then perhaps ‘Chant Down Babylon’ by Danman could be the album you have been waiting for. This collection of six original tracks and their accompanying dubs is a heavy duty selection, with each track offering a masterful vocal display. Danman uses all his experience, from every one of his 40 years in the business, to create a vibrant reggae time bomb.

The album kicks off with a killer track called ‘Be Wise’. It has shades of ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ and in Danman; you have a man who sounds like he has effortlessly stepped from a sound system club night straight into the studio. You can hear all those years of experience, (in what is surprisingly his first full length album) bursting out in this musical lesson on inclusivity and joining together for the greater good.

Chant Down Babylon

What is nice about this set is that it sounds so ‘alive’. When you have been to a live event, if you are like me, you come home and you want those positive vibes to continue. Most studio albums can’t re-create that raw excitement of a live club sound, they are too crafted. But Chant Down Babylon is different, it captures that feeling, you feel like Danman is in the room with you!

© Danman

The press release describes the album as ‘dedicated to all sound systems and soundmen all over the world’, on first listen you can hear that intent coming through. The great production is down to Rico at OBF and he has nailed it!

It’s difficult to single out specific tracks as there are no weak links on Chant Down Babylon. But my favorite is ‘Mash Dem Down’, if you had a tick card for what makes a perfect reggae track then this has most of those elements. Rasta chanting, strong choppy riddim, twiddly keyboard bits, big bass power and a strong message, yes it has it all.

Danman – Iration Steppas

Danman has been working the mic for the mighty Iration Steppas for the last couple of years, and has popped up on many releases from small independent labels as guest vocalist. But what is great about this album, is that a man who has given so much to reggae, finally gets centre stage on his own long player. From the strength of these tracks it is very long overdue!

Have a listen to the SoundCloud and YouTube clips on this page and judge for yourself, I think you will like what you hear. The album is available on the Dubquake Records bandcamp page. But one request to Dubquake, guys let’s have a vinyl version please so we can fully appreciate those bass sounds.

I hope this review has brought you something new to listen to. Please give it a share and let’s help Danman get some well-deserved exposure.

Bless, Paper Lion 

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