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10th April 2017

Dub For Africa

Food Crisis and famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria – WARNING – this article is going to be preachy!

Oil rich South Sudan is facing a humanitarian disaster which could leave hundreds of thousands of people dying of malnutrition. This is wholly a ‘man made’ disaster and doesn’t that term stick in your throat! The United Nations have said that 40% of the population are at risk of famine, with starvation already contributing to deaths in some parts of the country. It is preventable of course, but after three years of civil war any hopes of turning this catastrophe round are fast disappearing.

Serge Tissot, representative of The Food and Agriculture Organisation in South Sudan, said: “Famine has become a tragic reality in parts of South Sudan and our worst fears have been realised. Many families have exhausted every means they have to survive. The people are predominantly farmers and war has disrupted agriculture. They’ve lost their livestock, even their farming tools. For months there has been a total reliance on whatever plants they can find and fish they can catch.”

It is very easy to look at numbers and not consider the people, the human beings behind those statistics. 40% of the population is knocking 500,000 people and each person has a name, has their own life, their own friends, their own dreams, much like we do. To put it in perspective that number is pretty much the same as the population of Liverpool.

For a country that has experienced many years of war over its short life, the famine is probably not that surprising. It is easy to be desensitized by these disasters around the world and think ‘This is what we do as human beings isn’t it?’ But remember the individuals, if this was your next door neighbour would you not want to help?

Dub For Africa - reggaerootsreview.com

Dub For Africa

The album featured in this article is called Dub For Africa, which is a collaboration between more than twenty Belgian dub artists. They have all come together to contribute tracks in order to raise some much needed funds. I am going to list them below, as they deserve a shout out for putting in the time to help raise awareness and donations.

Culture Horn – Jamma Dim – Rectitude Sound System – Kingston Echo – Crucial Alphonso – Irie-I Productions – Mad Codiouf – Kiangana – Young Hassan – Ras Cloud – Forward Fever – Moonshine Horns – Unlisted Fanatic – Echo Vault – WuduB – Little Lion MC – Irieginal Nutty Tree – Uhuru Sound – Saimn I – Ion One – Jahrietn – Dem Culture – Jah Embassy and Missing Link & Juli Jupter for the album artwork.

So what can you do to help?

Head to Bandcamp where you can hear the tracks and for details on how to buy. Thirty one tracks of top class dub reggae all for a few euros, with profits being donated to 12-12 (a Belgian consortium of several organisations, aiming on battling the famine that threatens 20 million people in South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria). If you can help by buying the album your gesture would be much appreciated, every penny does make a difference!

This quote is from the 17th century English writer John Bunyan and it still has as much meaning today, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” Please share this article and let’s try and get as many copies of Dub For Africa sold.


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