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Jah Roots Hi-Fi Records
Danny Red – Some a Dem Say / Healing Rock 7”
Aba Ariginals – Patrixx Matics – Revelations / Revelations Dub 7”

I love new releases with pedigree, that lovely combination of a professional label, A-list vocalists, great producer and a sprinkling of reggae magic. This coming together, this alignment of stars, usually makes for must have records. These two new 7” singles from Jah Roots Hi-Fi Records tick all those boxes and I think you are going to want to hear them.

Danny Red

The big A-side, ‘Some a Dem Say’ features Danny Red on vocal duties. Danny is much in demand and with good reason, as he brings an authoritative and experienced sound to all the releases he features on. This is something I do keep banging on about but please try and pick up a copy of his LP, ‘Red and Conscious’ while there are stocks left. Like this new single, the LP is fantastic collaboration between Danny and Dougie Conscious.    

‘Some a Dem Say’ and ‘Revelations’ are the 6th and 7th releases from Jah Roots Hi-Fi. Like many labels they started life as a sound system, promoting the best in roots and culture across continental Europe. From 2014, out of their base in Switzerland, the record label started with an initial offering of three 12” singles. They are not prolific as labels go, but they do offer a high level of quality control.

Dougie Wardrop

Both these new singles are set to a riddim arranged by Dougie Wardrop and all tracks feature Dougie’s master mixing. As well as Danny Red, we have some sparkling melodica from Chazbo, whilst the second 7” features the great Aba Ariginals, Patrixx Matics. There is no substitute for hearing the songs for yourself, so have a listen to the videos on this page.

Excellent tunes I think you will agree. Both are out on the 27th March from all good retailers. But if you can’t wait until then, you may well be able to snaffle copies in advance on Facebook from Mikey Jah Roots.


Paper Lion

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