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I sometimes feel that our reggae world is at times a little insular. It is fair enough that like minded people gravitate towards each other, that’s life and obviously makes sense. It would be interesting to know who is buying most of these limited 7” singles that we see pop up on Facebook, is it the same people? What is nice to see is when singles break out and start to cause a stir in the wider world. One such track is the new Partial Records release, Fear and Love featuring Amelia Harmony.

Fear and Love - Amelia Harmony -

It is totally justified of course. Many of you will know Amelia; she has an excellent voice and is much in demand as a vocalist. Likewise Liam ‘Partial’ McGurk has been releasing good quality original recordings and re-issues for some time now. What jumped out for me for this release was Amelia’s recent interview on BBC Radio London. It is great that the release will be heard by a wider audience and is a good example of the music that is coming from the independent reggae scene.

Partial Records

I would imagine for most people reggae starts and finishes with Bob Marley’s Legend album, which is fine, it is of course excellent stuff. But as we all know there is more to reggae than that, the scene is alive and kicking! Fear and Love is a great showcase for not only Amelia and Liam, but for all writers, artists and producers working so hard on their releases. Lets hope for some of those radio listeners  Fear and Love is the start of an exciting new journey in music buying.

Fear and Love is an original Liam / Amelia track, have a listen at the SoundCloud link below it is really good. If you would like to pick up your own copy then head to the Partial Records bandcamp site and all good reggae retailers. 

What do you think of the single, would you like to see the UK reggae scene open up? Let me know in the comments. And please also give it a Facebook share….. love and blessing, Paper Lion.

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