My Roots Girl - Med Tone Records -

Med Tone Records

A – My Roots Girl – Cornel Campbell

B – Rootical Skank

A – My Ehiopian Queen – U-Roy

B – Queen of Sheba – Ilan Smilan


Lazy weekend music, that is something we all need from time to time, something to soothe away the stresses of modern life. These two new 7″ singles from Med Tone Records are the perfect antidote to lifes strains. Lazy rhythms and soulful vocals, perfect stuff! 

Cornel Campbell

Med Tone Records are an Israeli based label founded in 2012 by Asaf and Ilan Smilan. These tracks are built round a new rhythm called My Roots Girl, which has a laid back rocksteady feel to it. The first A-side features the perfectly matched vocals of Cornel Cambpell. His soulful style envelopes you in a blanket of contentment, this track is the musical equivalent of a purring cat!


The second single features Daddy U-Roy on vocals, which adds a nice deejay edge to the track. It’s a good contrast to Cornel’s silky version and is different enough for me to recommend you pick up both versions.

Have a listen to the sound clip below and see what you think. Nice rhythms, decent b-side dubs and two reggae greats providing vocals, what is not to like? You can pick up both singles direct from Med Tone and if you prefer to download, then itunes is the place to go.

My Roots Girl - Cornel Campbell -

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