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Universal Roots Records
Solution 12″
R.D.K Hi-Fi Production

Solution – Dub Solution – Lions of Wandsworth – SW18 Special

This new 12″ release from Universal Roots is an absolute pleasure for me to publicise. Firsty because it is produced and co-written by the nicest reggae record shop owner you could possibly meet, Jah Lingwa of Pure Vinyl Records in Brixton. Pure is a small but perfectly formed shop. It is a must visit if you are in the area and looking for some good vinyl. Secondly because the b-sides name check an area of London that I grew up in, Wandsworth SW18. Lastly it has four really strong tracks and a couple of serious floor shaking bass heavy b-sides.


So three good reasons for you to pick this one up and that is before we even get to the involvement of production maestro Darren Jamtone, the lovely vocals of Marlene Ammers and the limited lino cut printed sleeve!


First track is the ‘message’ track featuring the soulful vocals of Marlene Ammers, and like all good roots reggae the message is all about living life the best you can. Respect each other, respect yourself and the solution to life’s problems will be a lot easier to find. It’s a simple message and I don’t want to get all preachy, but it’s not a difficult concept to grasp. I think our government needs more reggae tunes like this in their lives!

This EP really kicks on when you flip over to the two b-sides, both are heavy heavy bass workouts. The rhythm has a dubstep feel to it, all low end deep and dirty sounds and echoes. Both ‘Lions of Wandsworth’ and ‘SW18 Special’ are the best dubs I have heard for a long time. Both are tributes to the sounds coming from south of the Thames.

Lions of Wandsworth

SW18 is an area I know well having attended Wandsworth Comprehensive School and growing up near the concrete slab that is the Arndale Centre. The memories of a drab shopping centre with its miserable people, mixed with the hoppy smells that wafted from Youngs Brewery remain very strong. Believe me these tracks do justice to those memories, there were no streets of gold in SW18!

The 12″ is out at the end of February from all good online shops, or maybe pop into Pure Vinyl and pick up one from Jah Lingwa himself. If you like your reggae with a big helping of low end charm and some urban growl, then this one is for you. Buy it!

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Bless, Paper Lion

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