High Smile HiFi

High Smile HiFi, new singles for January
Speng Bond, Babylon
Koa Aloy‚ Tell Dem Again
S’Kaya, Hardworker

As I have confessed before I am more of a roots and dub man than digi dancehall, you have probably noticed that from my history of posts. But we all like a bit of change from time to time, and new releases from Swiss digital gurus High Smile HiFi are always guaranteed to shake up my turntable. The High Smile maestros, Icky Top, Kebilli and Papa Irie have three new singles out this January and all are top notch dancehall tunes.

Speng Bond, Babylon

High Smile HiFiFeaturing Birmingham based veteran MC Speng Bond, Babylon features his trademark cool, measured vocal style. Love the bass line on this one, it’s a nice mirror to the vocals. I only ‘dabble’ in this style of reggae, but even I can appreciate that this is a seriously ruff tune.

Tell Dem Again features a free riddim that High Smile HiFi put out on Soundcloud. Hawaiian vocalist Koa Aloy picked up on the riddim and recorded this tune over it. Once they heard it, the trio were determined to put it out on a vinyl release. It’s an interesting way to aquire new singers, put some free riddims out into the world and see what comes back!

Final 7″ in this set of releases is a track showcasing French singer S’Kaya. This one is ‘very’ digital, probably the one with the hardest edge. The lyrics feature a personal story about not being able to live on the proceeds of being a reggae singer, and having to have a ‘day job’. This is something I am sure most of you can relate to. It would be dream to devote all my time to this blog, starting a label, releasing music, travelling the world finding talent……. but this isn’t going to happen just yet, I can feel your pain S’Kaya!

High Smile HiFi

Big thanks to the boys for sending me some physical copies of the singles to review, it’s much appreciated in this world of email and digital files. This label oozes quality, not just in their music and the way they deal with Reggae Blogs, but the way they present their releases. Just check out the 7″ cartoon sleeves and you will see what I mean. These indispensable purchases are available from the Reggae Fever website. You can find out more about the label here, and if you can do one more link then check out my review of their first full length album.

Thanks for getting this far, kudos to you. Please comment on and share this review. Bless, Paper Lion


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