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Strictly Dub Records – Gone This Ya Style

Lyrical Benjie / Unlisted Fanatic 7” & Digital Download

One of the perks of writing this blog is that I get emails from nice people sharing details of their new singles and releases. Emails from Simon at Strictly Dub Records are particularly exciting to receive, as they are guaranteed to reveal something pretty special. This latest message contained info about his next single ‘Gone This Ya Style’ which out now. It marks a slight departure in style, as this track is bassier and more dubby than his previous output. Simon’s singles are always a highlight of the reggae release calendar, you may be familiar with his previous output ‘None Shall Escape’ and ‘Righteous Groove’, both cracking tracks.

The vocalist this time is a well-known singer on the soundsystem scene, called Lyrical Benjie. He has released some great tunes on labels such as King Shiloh and Roots Tribe in the past and is in prime form as he delivers a no nonsense performance in true Jamaican dee-jay style. This tune has already featured on many sound systems as a dubplate and is going to be massive, mark my words.

Music and mixing is done by Belgium-based Unlisted Fanatic, boss of Sir Runnin’ Records. The rhythm is clean and heavy, and the choppy guitars from Belgian musician Saimn-I are intoxicating. Flip the single and you get a perfect dub version, minimal, dark and one of those tracks that you can tune in and lose yourself in. Have a listen for yourself at the link below.

Gone This Ya Style is available directly from the Simon now via his Bandcamp page, and all good reggae retailers from February. Keep it up Simon and how about an album next?

What do you think of this track, leave a comment, don’t be shy. Bless, Paper Lion

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