Partial Records 2017 releases -

Partial Records – 2017 new releases

Keety Roots – Why
King General – Some People
Jah See – Praises
Vibronics Feat. Boney L – Shades of Zion

2017 what are you going to bring us? Hopefully it won’t be along similar lines to the crushing disappointment that was 2016, where bizarre choices were made by the public at large! I don’t usually go in for political comment on my blog, but as I get a little older it is finally dawning on me that those in power really don’t know what the fuck they are doing. You feel that most of the time they are just winging it, with Cameron’s decision to hold a referendum being a classic example. Gambling with the future of the country was a dangerous decision and he will now be remembered as the Prime Minister that has potentially ruined the futures of our kids. But this is a new year, I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by crappy global politics so it is time to retreat into my own little world and one of the things in life that brings warmth and comfort. So step forward music, step forward reggae, step forward Partial Records and lets look at 2017 with hope and excitement!

Hackney DubPartial Records

I think a lot of you will know Partial Records, since 2013 they have been releasing new reggae releases and 90s reissues on vinyl. They are recognisable by their distinctive label design and the consistent quality of the releases. If you would like a starting point in order to learn more about their sound, then check out their Hackney Dub LP, it was one of the reggae highlights of 2016.

Keety Roots – Why

In this review I shall focus on four new and upcoming releases. First up is the single ‘Why’ from Keety Roots which was originally released in 1994 on his own Black Legacy label. ‘Why’ is a nice uplifting digi instrumental with the main drive being provided by the simple choppy keyboards. It has a very natural feel to it, it sounds to me like a homage to all that is beautiful in nature and the world. If you like Alpha & Omega and their style, then I think this one will do it for you. The 7″ single is available now from the Partial bandcamp site and features a previously unreleased dub version.

King General – Some People

Another early 90s release, ‘Some People’ features King General on vocals with Dougie Wardrop and The Bush Chemists providing the backing. This single is a little more serious than ‘Why’ with the highlight being the intensive dub on the flip side. The sound is very percussive focussed, with an absolute killer of a bass line, it is worth picking up this single just for the b-side. Again have a listen at the Partial Records bandcamp site, it is available now on vinyl.

Jah See – Praises / Vibronics Feat. Boney L – Shades of Zion

The final two releases in this review are not out yet but will be heading our way very soon. ‘Praises’ from Jah See is another digi tune but this time features a more flutey sound. This may be a little left field but it reminds me a tad of a reggae version of Frankie Knuckles ‘The Whistle Song’. It’s a lovely track though, the flute is the voice and it warbles away telling stories of life and travel. Originally released in 2005 this reissue features different mixes from the original.

‘Shades of Zion’ featuring the soulful vocals of Boney L ups the anti with a more serious tone and message. This one hails from the heady days of 1999, the year of hope for the new millennium. The production is very distinctive and sounds more up to date than the first two releases. The single’s message is that Zion is a cure for the worlds ills and if ever we needed a cure it is now. The sound is a beefy bass mix of keyboards coupled with a hard hitting industrial bass line. Both these singles should be out mid January and again head to bandcamp for more details.

There we have it, some good releases to ease you into 2017, they are all up to the Partial Records high standards and all warrant a place on your shelves. Despite the social crap, 2016 was a good year for reggae releases and I am sure this year will be as well. Forget the world, just put these on your decks, light up and chill out.

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