Fat Frog – Upward Style featuring Addis Pablo

Purple Fade Records 7″ and Digital Download
A side – Upward Style
B side – Upward Dub

Here at reggae blog Reggae Roots Review, we like a bit of old school style dub. Upward Style from Fat Frog, soon to be released on 7″ and download, is a big hitting bass monster that brings to mind the maestro himself, King Tubby. The tracks also include melodica supremo Addis Pablo, and together they produce something of a dub epic.

Purple Fade RecordsThis set is a lesson in how producer and musician can share space on a record, both are able to demonstrate their talents and both can claim centre stage. Addis Pablo needs little introduction. Son of Jamaican great Augustus Pablo he ably continues the family tradition of soulful melodica playing. On this track he opens the song with a gentle lyrical introduction. It always amazes me how top melodica playing is expressive enough to replace the vocals. On Upward Style the story weaves and snakes, the space is there to make up your own words, but the melodica sets the mood and pace.

As this is reggae, rhythm is always important and the forceful but restrained dub beat provides a beautiful back drop to the melody. Mr Fat Frog knows his dub and if you want to know more about his back catalogue check out my review of his previous single.

Upward Style will be available from the 10th December at the Purple Fade Bandcamp page or if you get in touch with Matt Fat Frog on Facebook he may even let you have one early. Have a listen below and then don’t hang around as it’s limited to 250 copies.

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