Indica Dubs – King Of Zion 10″ / digital download

Side one: Ras Mykha, King Of Zion – Indica Dubs & Echo Vault, Dub Of Zion – Side two: Marion, Strings Of Zion – Indica Dubs & Echo Vault – Echoes Of Zion

Sukh, the man behind the London-based Indica Dubs record label must be one of the hardest working guys in reggae. Indica Dubs is prolific to say the least, with a new release appearing every month or so. Probably the most important thing to note though, is that quantity no way sacrifices the quality. All his limited vinyl releases are damn good tunes and very collectable.

His latest release, King of Zion is available now and for the first time he has recruited French vocalist Ras Mykha to lead this single. Ras Mykha’s vocal style fits the subject of this track so well. The track is very much a homage to the King and his chanting style gives it that convincing religious edge. The music is fast paced, no slow dub lingering here, but has all the reggae hooks you need. When you get to track two ‘Dub of Zion’ you get some serious echo, reverb and phasing, perfect reggae stuff.

Flip the single over and you get a violin mix of the song featuring violinist Marion Perrottet from Switzerland, who is making her vinyl debut. The track keeps its reggae integrity but also manages to add in a folky edge. If you can picture yourself around a campfire in 19th century Europe, with someone playing reggae on the violin, then you are someway there! It’s a good track and it’s cool to have a different take on reggae.

Featuring on the Channel One Sound System playlist and being on rotation with King Shiloh shows that the track has quality.  Early bird copies of the 10″ and digital download can be purchased from the Indica Dubs website and Bandcamp site, and from mid November at all good record shops.

If you are anywhere near London on Saturday 26th November, perhaps drop by the Independent Label Market and visit the Indica Dubs stall. I am sure Sukh can give you the low down on the label and his other releases.

Thank you for reading, comments and shares are equally welcome. Bless, Paper Lion

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  2. Ras Mykha is responsible for many top releases including the popular rootical re-make of the classic Raw Fisherman by The Congos. King Of Zion is full of conscious lyrics singing praises to the King, and chanting down the wicked – See that wolf, can t beat the lion, because the lion, is the King Of Zion .


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